View Full Version : Worried about pet food .. worried about our food too.

March 23rd 07, 03:20 AM
We need to take action and get to the bottom of this pet food recall,
and more specifically we need to get someone to confess to what has
happened here and what is still going on. It should not take anyone
this long to perform all the necessary lab tests to find out what is
wrong here. Instead, they keep feeding the stuff to so-called test
animals while standing around watching them die which is something we
already know.

We need to force someone to answer this: Was that recalled pet food
made from wheat gluten imported through Manildra Mills from Australia,
and did that wheat gluten contain any amount of Fenitrothion and/or
other pesticides, and whether that same wheat gluten has gotten into
our human food supply. And you need to find out if the FDA allows
Fenitrothion contaminated wheat gluten from Australia into your foods,
assuming that it is okay so long as good business practices are
followed and the poisonous gluten is mixed with wheat to dilute it
first before YOU eat it too. ?

March 23rd 07, 01:46 PM
BTW, it could also be ADM wheat gluten, they have yet to respond. ADM
agreed to suddenly sell it's entire North American bakery ingredients
division to a Dutch firm called CSM a couple months ago, weeks after
that wheat gluten thang started killing pets. The sale of the Arkady
business included ADM's bakery enhancers, mixes, enrichments and
monoglycerides operations. Seems suspicious too, eh? Maybe there is
something going on that we're not being told about. ???