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March 24th 07, 08:29 AM

AGLOCO- this worries Google
Bill Gates thinks Google should be worried!
You must have heard by now about Agloco and how many people think it
is going to be bigger than Google... Now Bill Gates is on record
saying they have a great business model and that Google should be

Google search result produce - 1,400,000 web pages for Agloco.

Google makes billions of $$$ and keeps it all for itself... Agloco
day is going to also make billions of $$$ except it will be completely
shared out to its members!

You make money with Agloco by using your computer as you would

Plus Agloco has a great referral pakage!
So start building your network!

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It's all over the blogosphere and Bill Gates has been quoted as
saying he believes it "will be the next big thing to hit the
internet", so
what is Agloco and will they really pay you for surfing the net?

I too was sceptical when I heard about it but after spending a few
hours googling and reading about it, I have not only come round to the
idea but am now thinking it could really work and could really make
us (that's me and all of you who are reading this) some money.


Ketan Arora