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August 13th 03, 06:01 PM
> > Kid is special like this, which is why victors post made me cry. Kid is
> > still with me, I'm so lucky, but no one knows what is wrong with her. So
> > don't know how long I'll be lucky enough to have her.
> >
> > That's why I spoil her rotten, because I have to treat every day like I
> > might not have many more.
> >
> > And she's only 2.
> >
> > I love you Kid. You're the best cat I'll ever have. I'll love you so
> > as long as I have you with me here, and then I'll love you that hard
> > you're not. <tear>
> Oh, Jen.... {{{{{{{{huuuug}}}}}}} I hope that Kid has many more wonderful
> years with you. I wish I could offer an answer, but all you can do is
> you're doing, and cherish every day together. But since you've got
> to lose, if the vet can't find anything to explain her symptoms, and
> gotten a second opinion, I would maybe check out some books on holistic
> health care for animals; they might have some useful ideas, and it sounds
> like you've got nothing to lose at this point. In any case, my heart goes
> out to you, I know how precious my babies are to me, and how I would worry
> if there was something wrong and I couldn't find out how to fix it. Hang
> there, and let us know if you ever find out anything more.
> Warmest Wishes,
> Ann
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Thanks Ann (hugs back).

Oh lots of opinions... we've had a few vets in Vancouver (including a
boarded/feline practitioner), an animal radiologist who specializes in these
kinds of things, asked vets seeing the other cats, a homeopathic vet...
nada. So we've tried homeopathy which more resulted in her natural diet
(home cooked) which has really helped her energy and she just "seems" more
healthy (we've since moved from where the homeopathic vet was). Bought some
books (and google and email lists!) and been following that guidance for
about a year now. The home cooked food / holistic is working out well (and
when we do go to the vet next, it'll be to this holistic vet down the road).
Do you use holistic health care as well?

Purrs and thanks,

August 14th 03, 03:20 AM
"jen.d" > wrote in message >...

> Do you use holistic health care as well?

I've used it on and off for myself, but I haven't used it for the cats
as yet, as I've been lucky that they've only ever had very mild
problems since I've had them, and they've all gotten sorted right
away. But I would certainly do so, and was looking at a book on the
subject that I'd like to get when I have more money. I'm glad to hear
that you've explored that avenue, and that you seem to have seen some
results. I think there are times when the medical field lets us down
(whether with best of intention or otherwise) that we have to explore
alternatives in taking care of our health and that of our loved ones.
Even doctors are realizing that there are some things nature just
handles better; for instance, menuca honey can often heal wounds that
have not responded to antibotics or other treatments, and, in severe
cases, sterile maggots can save a limb that would otherwise have been
lost. And, as I mentioned recently on one of the cat groups (not sure
which!), in a book I read, a doctor was saying that drugs are a poison
that sometimes help (thus, the side effects), and natural health care
should become the 'conventional' treatment, while drugs should be the
'alternative' treatment, used only in severe cases. I heartily agree
with that.

Glad to hear Kid seems to be doing well, I hope she continues to do
so! What are the symptoms that no one can seem to sort out?

Hugs and Purrs,