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March 26th 07, 05:47 AM
hilarious, absolutely hilarious, you just made my day. no, my week.
more, more. my kingdome for more.

On 26 mar, 05:33, "Avoid normal situations."
> wrote:
> Q: What's a cat's favorite Bergman movie?
> A: _Purrsona_.
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> alt.flame Special Forces
> "Oh those military meals! Breakfast could be recognised by shape, sausage,
> yes, but lunch! The white watery mound could be spuds, but what was the heap
> of steaming green and black, and that knoll of boiled grey stuff that
> shuddered if it saw you. Visits from orderly officers did little to help.
> Officer: Any complaints?
> Soldier: Yes sir, it's this.
> Officer: What's wrong with 'this'.
> Soldier: Nothing wrong but what is it?"
> -- Spike Milligan, _Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall_