View Full Version : Cat Psychology--Keeping Them Happy

March 26th 07, 11:17 PM
I have a thin cat that I can't persuade to eat more no matter what I do (she
picks at the food then forgets it) and a formerly fat cat that obsesses on
food (she sucks it down all at once) and plans and executes successful
stealth raids on the other cat's dish several times a day.

(What do I mean by "plans?" Food for skinny cat is on level 3--formerly fat
cat mostly hangs out on level 1, where her food and box are--and formerly
fat cat waits until she hears me on level 2 or level 1, comes to look at me
and check that I am occupied with something like cooking, eating, TV, THEN
slinks upstairs to eat skinny cat's food.)

Formerly fat cat (Boo) is about 12, and starting to show a little age. She
has heart and thyroid conditions, all treated. I'd like to make her as happy
as I can. So here's what I do: I feed Boo 3/4 of her morning can of cat food
on level 1, and put the other 1/4 can in skinny cat's (Gracie) dish on level
3. While Boo sucks hers down, purring the whole time, Gracie nibbles a bit,
then runs down to watch the birds and squirrells out of the big window on
level 1, leaving her food unattended.

I typically attend to things on level 2 after I feed the girls, and this
gives Boo a chance to sneak upstairs, suck down the other 1/4 can, give me a
satisfied look like she's gotten away with something, then go downstairs to
sleep off the heavy meal.

On my way upstairs, I put Gracie's half can in another dish and carry it up
to her floor, where I work most of the day. When she finishes watching Cat
TV, Gracie comes back and eats most of her food. If I let Boo steal the
rest, I just adjust their evening meals.


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