View Full Version : ASPCA not convinced there's only one toxin

March 28th 07, 12:18 AM
*Call volume at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC), which is
based in its Midwest Office in Urbana, Ill., has increased significantly
over the past 10 days—approximately 14 percent—and the ASPCA’s veterinary
toxicologists have been carefully analyzing data from these calls.

........* to be consistent with the effects of aminopterin, we should also be
seeing a significant number of affected pets showing the accompanying signs
of severe intestinal damage, as well as bone marrow suppression, including
‘leukopenia,’ which is a serious reduction in white blood cells.

“This is the missing connection that we want to alert veterinarians around
the country to. We are asking all veterinarians treating cats affected by
these products, to report their findings to the U. S. Food & Drug
Administration (FDA).”

take out the dog before replying