View Full Version : VIN information on melamine

March 31st 07, 02:40 PM
I've posted this link before to the VIN (Veterinary Information Network)
information on treatment for aminopterin poisoning. They now have
information on melamine. Please keep this url and check frequently. So far
it is updated for the Hills food recall, but not the Alpo recall.


There are many links on this page for VIN vets only. However the Menu Foods
VIN Community Updates is available to the lowly pet owner. The Menu Foods
Renal Function Monitoring is also available.

The Community Update site includes a Melamine FAQ.

There are also links to Menu Foods original recall lists and a timeline for
this event, plus some discussion.

Please pass this information on to other pet owners whose vets may not be
plugged into VIN. I have NO idea if vets not online are getting any
relevant information. Certainly they aren't from the press. With the
exception of www.petconnection.com

take out the dog before replying