View Full Version : How to Make Amaretto Stronger

Margaret Caldwell Ott
April 7th 07, 03:08 AM
Many thanks to Flippy, who advised us to join the CRF yahoo group,
which Derek is currently setting up for us.

Amaretto seems to be holding his own--not better, but no worse. We
will get blood numbers after our next visit from Dr. Spitz on Friday.
At the moment, we are giving him Baytril and 150 mls of sub-cu fluids
daily (Ringers), along with his quarter Pepcid AC pill. We finally
have his blood sugar back under control at 3 units of PZI insulin--he
is stable as a rock in the 130 to 180 zone both mornings and evenings.
His appetite is back, and he seems to be enjoying the Fancy Feast
Salmon menu foods that they gave him in the vet hospital, although
Alino prefers to stick with the Figaro Tuna. Both cats enjoy their
afternoon roaster chicken that I chop up for them..

Amaretto cannot get up off his day bed or out of his heating round
without assistance from one of us. He meows and we come running to
see what he wants--food? water? litter box? Once we have him
standing, he is wobbly and can only take a few steps before he falls
over on his side. The vet says that we must get him "stronger". We
have tried favorite toys which make him move his eyes and head, but
are wondering if anyone has ideas that we could use to help strengthen
his whole body??????????


PegNDerek <<coping as best we can for as long as we can>>