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April 10th 07, 11:57 PM
Please folks, make a few copies and pass around, drop off on the way to
work, whatever.
Nutro figures prominently. I wonder now if this wasn't a cumulative effect
and not just a 1 can thing.


TORONTO, April 10 /PRNewswire/ - Prompted by reports from the US Food
and Drug Administration as to the presence of melamine in cans of cuts and
gravy pet food produced in Menu Foods' Canadian production facility, Menu
Foods undertook an accounting of all recalled wheat gluten supplied by
ChemNutra Inc. to Menu Foods in the United States.
As the result of that review, Menu Foods has identified a single
interplant transfer of the ChemNutra supplied wheat gluten, shipped from
Menu Foods' plant in Emporia, Kansas, to its plant in Streetsville,
Ontario. This wheat gluten was subsequently used in the production of pet
food in December, 2006 and January, 2007, which is being recalled by Menu
The new varieties in the United States and Canada have been added to
the recall list. The latest recall group is listed below, and a complete
list of recalled products, including the new items can be reviewed at