View Full Version : How to get a place not only for secrits but also for communication.

April 16th 07, 08:58 AM
If you have some questions to ask ,you may go to somewhere as Yahoo
for a answer.Yes,maybe you can ask and can get someone's answer ,but
you can't discuss freely with them if you don't agree ,can you ?
If you have something good and want to show or share it with
eachother ,what would you do then?
Send it one by one ?It's so slow and boring that you will be tired and
have no interested to do that again.The buoyant you will be lost,are
you ?
If you want to upload or save your pictures or your log online ,you
must need some place to put in.The best one is that you can done what
you want on the space .You can have them be shared or not suit
yourself,don't you?
http://support.forumgogo.com this is the place where can provide you
all things and functions what you want.
The forum is free.It's a very good Platform for you to communicate
with the other one ,upload things. As you like Beauty & Style¡¢football
or Pets£¬you can create a special topic such as Football Forum .
We can provide you a free¡¢stable¡¢high-speed ¡¢Professional and
technical Forum.So what are you waiting for? Come on !