View Full Version : New Pet food recall on the news today

April 17th 07, 05:31 PM
Natural balance foods recalled some food after cats started vomiting and
experiencing kidney problems


FDA website about the food recall

April 17th 07, 05:41 PM
A little more information from the FDA

Information on Natural Balance
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was informed today, April 16,
2007, that Natural Balance Pet Foods has received consumer complaints
regarding the Venison & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, and Venison & Green Pea Dry
Cat Foods. The company does not know the cause of the problems, but has
received reports of animals vomiting and experiencing kidney problems.
Although the company is stating that the problems seem to be focused on one
particular lot, as a precautionary measure, the company is pulling all dates
of Venison & Brown Rice Dry Dog Food and Venison & Green Pea Dry Cat Food
from the shelves.

The company is advising consumers to discontinue feeding all Venison and
Brown Rice Dry Dog Food, and Venison and Green Pea Dry Cat Food.

The FDA is working closely with Natural Balance and is actively
investigating this problem. There is no indication at this time whether this
is related to the ongoing pet food recalls. For more information, please
see: http://www.naturalbalanceinc.com/