View Full Version : Cat in need

April 19th 07, 06:59 PM
I have a 9 year old female spayed cat that needs a home. I have 5
children and not enough money to provide for this cat. She has allergy/
skin problems and always looks malnourished and scrawny. She is afraid
of everything and hides in the basement often. My children have been
scratched by her many times as she only likes to be touched on the
head and only when she decides it is ok. When the kids are sleeping
she will sit on the back of the couch and purr. She doesn't like other
cats- and she doesn't like to be outside. I have 2 outside cats. I
also have a new husband who is not an animal person. I don't want to
take her to a shelter. Is there someone out there who could help this
cat? Her name is "Squirrelly-Girl." And, good news- she does use the
litter box.
Please help.