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April 20th 07, 03:03 AM
On Apr 19, 9:07 pm, spondee > wrote:
> Got two female kittens (very sick!) from feral mom, from a cat rescue
> lady in June 2004
> Spayed 11.04 (by local spay/neuter clinic)
> One of the cats developed Ovarian Remnant Syndrome (yes, I posted here
> about that at that time!) and was spayed AGAIN (including removal of
> uterus) on 3.20.2005.
> Well, at 3 yrs old now, she's in full heat AGAIN!!! In the past week,
> she's been crying abnormally and I've had males hanging around outside
> (I take my cats out in the middle of the day).
> Today found her not only 'posturing' but had to stop a mating!!! (Not
> easy to do from a wheelchair, with two cats outside, a very determined
> male cat, and a spray bottle of water!)
> I can not do this.
> I do not have the funds for a third spay, (the 'clinic that spayed her
> the first two times at a very minimal charge, will not do it again,
> they work w/feral population, Private vets say 'take her back to where
> it was done!") which may or may not be successful, which may or may
> not kill her!
> I am a disabled person, in a wheelchair, living alone in a large
> apartment complex. I do not even have a car,
> I love her, but the only think I can think of is to take her to the
> local shelter, explaining her condition...
> PLEASE, any ideas, help, suggestions...

If this is typical ORS then either the ovaries were not completely
removed, regardless of the uterus, (which would require another
surgery), or there is a hormonal problem influencing the "heat".
Hormonal problem could be influenced by high soy diet (natural
estrogens), by seasonal feline acne (pituitary induced), by a tumor
(pituitary or ovarian).

If the queen has since gone out of heat after the mating then the
ovarian remnent or seasonally influenced may still be a possibility.
If she has not gone out of the heat, then the estrogen diet, or tumor
may be more of a possibility.

Regardless, a quick masturbation of the female should induce her to go
out of heat for at least several days, if not several months.
Masturbation in a female cat is accomplished by using a Qtip with
Vaseline covering the tip, and then the tip is inserted just inside
the vulva and slid up and down for a minute or so. Masturbation
appears to work because the cat is an induced ovulator, which means
they remain in heat until they are bred (which you are simulating with