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April 20th 07, 04:05 AM
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Yeah, YOU! They asked for help! And who knows better than the people who
have had to go through this, particularly those who lost valued family
members. And I particularly want VETS to speak up.......it's time. So
please take a look at the outline they've set out. Even if you think it
might be outside their scope, tell them........Please! What exactly would
have made this whole thing work better. And what do you really want to see,
have always wanted WRT pet food. Hopefully they'll get lots and lots of
letters. Print out the letter - hand it out at pet stores, meets, training
sessions, grooming parlors. Senator Durbin has been working on Food Safety
for over 10 years. Let's get this done! In the end it will be safer for YOU
to eat also. Email addy is at link below.

Hello all,

I want to begin by thanking you all for your feedback and contributions on
the pet food contamination issue. A lot of the success we’ve had moving
forward with this issue is due to your energy and support.
To this end, below is a very rough outline of some of the goals we’d like to
accomplish in the legislation. We would very much appreciate it if you
would review our ideas and let us know if you see any problems or areas that
we haven’t adequately addressed. In the meantime, I am going to work with
our Leg Counsel to put together an initial draft. I will share this draft
over the next couple of days and look forward to your help shaping the

...........you'll have to go to the site to see them! Go! Read! Speak!

take out the dog before replying