View Full Version : Video: The Adventure of Mr. Bond Cat from Singapore

April 20th 07, 03:10 PM
A amazing fearless alley cat performed "Parkour" stunt on balancing
and especially climbing down on the steel barbed fence from 2nd floor
height.... at

April 20th 07, 11:40 PM
Worthy of any stunt man in a movie.
It reminded me more of a jail break.

The other video link with the cats walking
on the balcony though gave me the creeps.

>From that height, I'd never let my cat do that,
no matter how confident they were.

As it is now, my Big Mama does that on the slightly
wider railing outside my own 2nd floor balcony.
But whenever I see her do it, I gently put her
back down on the deck, and won't allow her to jump
up there as long as I am there watching.

When she was younger she would climb a tree and
jump onto the roof of another building to check it out.
To get down, she would stretch as far as she could
from the roof on the side of the building at it's lowest
point, and then jump to the ground.

Crazy cat. Thank goodness she never got hurt,
and now that she's older, she doesn't do that anymore.

A few times, I have come walking up the stairs
and accidently spooked strange cats and they have
lept off my balcony to the ground...amazingly unhurt.
Even a human (if not in top physical condition) jumping
from that height would be extremely risky.