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keepyourdistance (headstart)
April 22nd 07, 02:47 PM
Cats need to be loved. They need to be left alone. Cook food for your
pets for the love of energy. I cooked expensive canned food and also
cooked fish. they don't eat alot if they eat quality. And they are
cleaner. That other stuff is garbage.

Give your pet freedom to make territory in the house, you just
"happen" to live there. when a kitty is small stand back and observe
as they grow and learn to do jump higher and higher as their bones

Kitties need attention and care. It's really easy when they are left
to learn the rules by themselves by watching you. So if you go about
you're business they will watch you (like animals do) then everything
is in order and they'll be strong and vibrant and curious!

Feed them good! Let them out often. I took care of three cats so far
that needed a home and then I found a better place for them. When you
first get a kitten they may feel lonely aaawe :)

Always be kind and gentle and patient and always remember that they
grow like you. When those cats stayed with me it was funny, I missed
them but I know they are happpier in a house. Adopt a pet today if you
have the money..

Good actions mean healthy hearts.