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Saad Qureshi
April 24th 07, 02:55 PM
New discovery In the world of Weight loss!
Losing Weight Has Never Been Easier

The patch uses a transdermal method of delivery—allowing the skin to absorb the elements within the patch. A transdermal patch delivers medication to the body at even, consistent levels over several hours. Unlike pills which must be taken several times a day, the transdermal patch method requires only a single application.

Our diet patch is different to many weight loss patches you may have seen on the market.

We use the latest technology to ensure that the highest amounts of each ingredients are contained within each patch. We only use the finest natural ingredients available.
Q) Will the patch make me anxious like weight loss drugs?

No. The patch is not a drug. The transdermal patch delivery absorbs into your body gradually instead of one large dose like one gets with a pill.

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Revolutionary much better than pills without the side effects of pills!

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