View Full Version : Harmony Farms recalls can dog/cat & biscuit

April 27th 07, 06:46 PM
Harmony Farms food is made by American Nutrition. They are recalling cans
and biscuits due to ďtamperingĒ by American Nutrition.

The recall covers the following products:
* All Harmony Farms canned dog foods
* All Harmony Farms canned cat foods
* All Harmony Farms Health Bar biscuits

Visitors going to Harmony Farmís Web site is unlikely to see this
information since 1) itís in a pop up windows which will be likely blocked
and 2) the window is too small to see the full list of recalls thatís buried
in the text.
From the company:
- Sierra Pet Products has elected to cease doing business with ANI effective
immediately and remove all its cans and biscuits from retailerís shelves.
- Products recalled include all Harmony Farms canned dog and cat foods, and
all Harmony Farms Health Bar biscuits.
- No Harmony Farms product has tested positive for melamine.
- There have been no reported illness of any dog or cat as a result of
consuming either our food or biscuits
- All Harmony Farms dry dog and cat foods are safe for consumption