View Full Version : KMR, dry or canned

May 1st 07, 07:59 PM
This weekend I took a little class on orphan kitten care, and I was
surprised and disheartened to hear that canned KMR has only half the
protein as the dry KMR. The canned is apparently for supplementing
babies with mothers, while the dry is for feeding babies with no
mother. I had no idea! So now I feel like I cheated these babies out
of needed protein for the last 2.5 weeks!! Currently I'm feeding them
home made formula made from 8 oz water, 8 oz evaporated whole milk, 1
envelope unflavored gelatin, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise, 2 raw egg yolks,
2 tablespoons plain non-fat (I couldn't find full fat) yogurt, 1
teaspoon honey, 1 capsule of acidopholus, and a squirt of gel cat
vitamins. I hope the protein in the eggs and mayo and milk and yogurt
equal plenty of protein for these babies and help to make up for the
lack of it in their last 2.5 weeks. They are just turning 4 weeks old,
I believe. One of them weighs nearly a pound, and the other weighs
about 12 ounces.