View Full Version : An interesting article from a cat lover's site on eating cats.

May 3rd 07, 04:20 AM

"Is it right for cat-loving countries to impose their cultural values
on cat-eating societies?"

"Cat has also been eaten in Britain. During wartime rationing, cats
found their way into "rabbit" stews/pies and hence earned themselves
the nickname "roof-rabbit". With so many city strays and pets
abandoned by bombed out families, cats were a substitute for rabbit. A
former colleague whose father was in the butchery trade during that
time told me that butchers sometimes kept cats as ratters; the cat
later ended up being sold as "rabbit". The rationale was simple - a
surplus of homeless cats living off of vermin, plus the fact that the
supply of wild rabbit from the countryside had been suspended. The
following rhyme summed up the keeping of cats in peace-time and the
eating of them in times of hardship."

I think I'll start calling my pussy roof-rabbit since my roof is one
of her favorite spots.