View Full Version : ASPCA urges vigilence/treatment suggestions

May 4th 07, 02:25 AM
“Given the fact that there is new evidence of cross-contamination in
ingredients that may have been considered safe prior to this news, we need
to be much more aware of where the ingredients in our pets’ food are coming
from,” said Dr. Steven Hansen,
“We are strongly recommending that pet parents immediately investigate, via
their pet food manufacturer’s Web site or by calling them directly, where
the ingredients—specifically protein supplements—are sourced from.”

Given the current situation and until this crisis is resolved, the ASPCA is
recommending pets be fed products containing U. S.-sourced protein
supplements only.
This also explains why animals whose symptoms were detected early enough,
and who were rushed to their veterinarians and put on aggressive fluid
therapy—as the ASPCA has been recommending—survived; since this treatment
may help to prevent additional crystals from forming, and aid in flushing
out the existing crystals from the animals’ urinary tracts, thus relieving
the obstruction and reversing the effects of renal failure.

“Patience is the key,” said Dr. Murray, who has successfully treated several
animals thus-affected with aggressive fluid therapy at BMAH. “We now
understand that we have to bathe these crystals in fluid for as long as

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