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May 9th 07, 08:53 PM

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May 10th 07, 01:40 AM
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It is sickening just to even think about this one. One wonders how
long this has been going on before they were caught importing this
terrible compound & what the risk is to both pets & humans. As the
article points out, it is not just a question of how contaminated
it*might* be, but how long it has been the case. also, if only just
exposed, how can we possibly know how many *People & Pets* have
already been affected??

I remember not so long ago, we were being told that there was no
concern over British Beef when the Mad Cow Disease scandal was raging
across Europe, but we were still advised not to eat Beef on the bone,*
just in case*.. Now, I wonder why that would be, Hmmmmmm?

I was working inside a Butcher/Deli/Bakery @ the time, & if people
came in asking for a rib of Beef on the Bone, that is exactly what
they got. The customer is Always right, was the answer I got when I
asked if it was legal to sell it that way & I was encouraged to ask
nothing further...

We have more or less the same thing going on with Turkey's now, in the
recent outbreak of avian flu found in a stock of Bernard Matthews
birds. No one wants to buy either fresh turkey or cooked turkey
either, so my bet is that all of the pet food companies are buying it
all up, ready to process for our pets to eat...? Lets face it, they
are in this business for the money, not the welfare of our pets,
aren't they?

Sickening & sad, but most of all it is suspect @ best & cynical @