View Full Version : Hills' Science Diet Safe Again?

Peg Caldwell Ott
May 13th 07, 02:49 AM
Derek and I are most grateful to all of you who responded here or
e-mailed us regarding Alino's possibly going on steriods to help with
his arthritis. We have passed all of the suggestions on to our vet,
and are discussing the possibilities with him before we make a

However, Alino is now refusing to eat anything except for roaster
chicken, which we buy pre-roasted at our grocery store. The vet says
that too much of it is not good for him (fattening among other
factors). We took him off his regular Hills' Science Diet food as
soon as the recall was announced, realizing that we had several cans
of the affected food--all of which we tossed immediately. Is it now
safe to give him this food again? He doesn't seem interested in any
of the Purina products we have tried, and it seems to us (logically)
that he would prefer to go back to his former "regular" food!

Many thanks for all of your help--as always!!