View Full Version : Chinese pet food poisonings, as well as Lenovo computers, good reason not to trust the Chinee...

May 15th 07, 04:01 PM
No wonder Lenovo computers don't sell well. 512M of ram on a dual-
core machine?

Yeah, but you gotta feel for Lenovo....after all, they did inherit all
of the mess IBM left them with - poor management, alllllll those 256M
chips, all those skimpy, shoddy hard drives.......

No wonder their computers don't sell well......

Jeez...there is even a USENET group devoted to thinkpad customers
networking to discuss problems they have had with the inadequate
machines. Apparently they have had problems calling the Lenovo
customer call center and being told "We no speakum de English."!

Also, and a nit, but a LARGE one, Lenovo got MAJOR incentives from the
state of NC to locate their headquarters in Morrisville, NC. And
then, as soon as they could, fired 1,400 workers.

I tried to tell my schoolies down at the State of NC that they were
making a mistake giving those Chinese all that money without getting
some promises - in writing - in return.

You can't trust those Chinese....just look at all that melamine laced
grain they were selling Menu Foods so all the trusting customers of
Menu Foods could unwittingly poison their pets. Oh, I guess that
makes the pets customers too.......

Those sorry Chineeeeeeeeeeeeee