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May 18th 07, 01:19 PM
Well, it's Friday, time for pet food recalls. Please stay tuned to Itchmo
as apparently there might be more\ according to the NY Times. Lick Your
Chops dry food is made by Chenago Valley and while it doesn't contain any
glutens/rice protein concentrate, it was made during the same time as the
contaminated feed. All I can say is, that these pet food manufacturers are
really a sloppy bunch. And the dilution effect doesn't seem to work for
pets does it or they wouldn't be pulling product made in a plant at the same
time as contaminated stuff.

Lick Your Chops Kitten & Cat dry food in the 4# and 18# bags with a Best By
date of 4/29/08, due to the remote possibility this product may have been
Again, the voluntary recall on the Lick Your Chops Kitten & Cat Food with a
Best By Date of 4/29/08 is a precautionary measure we are taking with the
FDA and our supplier. All other date codes on the Kitten & Cat dry food,
including the most recent production run with a Best By date of 7/25/08 are
safe to feed.

Evolve recall was apparently a silent pull from store shelves with 168
pounds now not accounted for. There's no date of posting on their website
for this retro recall:

* Evolve Kitten Food made on March 12, 2007 has now been included in [the
recalled pet food] group.

As of today, 99.4% of the 27,560 lbs. of product made on March 12, 2007
(Best Used By Sep 13 08) has been accounted for and removed from sale.
Currently there is 168 lbs. that has not been accounted for. The above 168
lbs. is a total of 9 units in 3# and 7# sizes. Based on the date of
manufacture, retail information, consumer contact and expected daily
consumption, we strongly believe ALL remaining products from this date have
been safely consumed with no adverse effects.

The Evolve formulae do NOT contain any wheat gluten or rice protein
concentrate, and the FDA tests confirmed that no melamine was present.

As a valuable Evolve customer, we want you to be aware of this situation
despite the fact no melamine have been found by independent testing. This
action is a precautionary measure only, as there is no evidence to suggest
these products in any way pose a health hazard.*

...........Now, don't you feel better? Your cats ate it and it was safe
because nothing happened to them, well it could have, but it didn't, so it's
really not a big deal, OK?

take out the dog before replying