View Full Version : My cat has flutd for first time and may need a urethrostomy - questions

May 18th 07, 03:34 PM
I posted this same question to the vet group too, so sorry if it's a
duplicate for anyone.

My 4 year old male cat named Brave Cat, has been in the animal
hospital starting monday morning. A week prior we had brought him to
a vet who said he had flutd, and they put him on antibiotics, which
seemed to help, but then a week later, this past monday morning he was
in the litter box just sitting there for 2 solid hours. So we decided
to bring him to the vet and have him kenneled for the day so they
could keep an eye on him.

Well he was blocked. He's been there all week and will be there all
next week since we're on vacation. I hate it. The vet told my
husband yesterday that they will try catherization 1 more time, and if
that doesn't work then urethrostomy is our only option. How much does
that cost?

They have catherized him 2x this week, both times are darn cat has
gotten his collar and the catheter out over night. The vet said that
he would get better if they could get it to stay in for 2-3 days.

Any advice? Luckily our vet seems very good and caring - very
concerned. We are at $600 so far, and he said right now he is only
charging us for kenneling fee of $15/day.

He is a young cat, so I think he is worth the costs, but I'm worried
that if the surgery is a ton of money, my husband might not be so
willing to dish out the money.

I also hear stress doesn't help flutd, and I know that he is stressed
out being in a steel kennel all week. We've gone to visit him, and
you can tell my baby is petrified. (btw, we live in Nashville)

Thanks for any input.

Rene S.
May 18th 07, 07:43 PM
I'm so sorry to learn about Brave Cat (what an appropriate name it is
right now!). My understanding is that urethrostomy is done only as a
last resort. Your cat has only had two (possibly one, since the
antibiotics might not have worked) episode, and this is a major
surgery. I'm sorry I can't give you any costs. I found this article:


What kind of diet is/was he on? Right now, it's very important for him
to have a high-quality canned food so he can get as much moisture into
him as possible. Here's another article about feline nutrition:

I understand that you're on vacation right now, but is it possible to
call around to other vets and get another opinion? Make sure that if
you call ask to speak to the VET, not the vet tech. They might have to
call you back when they get a break. I did this when my cat had
pancreatitis and getting another opinion was the best decision I ever
made. Demanding another treatment (I believe) saved my cat's life.

Good luck to you. Please let us know what happens!

May 27th 07, 11:18 PM
Thanks for your post.

Happily, we came back from vacation with Brave Cat home! He doesn't
need surgery, the vet said he is doing well! After the 2 weeks we
ended up spending about $900. He seems to be doing really well - back
to his normal lovable self, with the occasional cuffing of our legs
when we walk by. Hee Hee. We are very relieved.