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May 23rd 07, 10:38 AM
On May 23, 5:25?am, Sniper .308 > wrote:
> On 23 May 2007 02:22:28 -0700, bobandcarole
> > wrote:
> >As usual the faggot is totally clueless. He is known as "****tyFLL"
> >in APH because of his sick homosexual lifestyle and deviant fetishes.
> Same old bull**** hey Blobby, dance Blobby dance
> Poor wittle Blobby hates it when he total impotence is pointed out so
> he starts with his famous dip**** two step.
> Speaking of dancing, we are still waiting for that proof you
> closed down hundreds of groups, remember when you were going to close
> down Alt.Support Boy-lovers, over 4 years ago.... it is still going
> strong.
> On the 3rd of December 2002 this was written
> "Bob & Carole" > wrote in ...
> > Quite frankly I don't have the time to respond to your lunatic ravings
> > in this NG. I am busy CLOSING this NG.....Post your lies and psycho
> > opinions in alt.flame.faggots- Hide quoted text -
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I'm glad you enjoy being humiliated

>From the idiot twins:

"We can find him! This has nothing to do with stalking either, as Blob
alleged. This is so we can file a lawsuit against him for what he's
done to
us and to our news group" --confused, flustrated faggot Jay Elke,a
veritable combination of Inspector Clouseau and Tinkerbell.


"You will find that out this summer when I arrive on your door step
Blob, People at AOL are quite helpful" --Sniper. 308, Jerry Lewis
poster boy in training goes postal and demonstrates his utter
flustration and psychotic tendencies.