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May 23rd 07, 05:07 PM
On May 23, 9:00 am, Running Scissors > wrote:
> Tara Legale wrote:
> > I am so afraid to have my cats teeth cleaned. I'm petrified of losing her
> > during the sedation. She is going on nine, means the world to me, I'd be
> > devastated if I took her in and she died. I've already lost two pets in my
> > lifetime to anesthesia. I know her back teeth are very heavy with tartar
> > and plaque and I know when she gets older without the cleaning theres the
> > increased chance of heart disease. I'm besides myself here.
> Pay extra for the blood test they do beforehand to make sure the
> sedative is given correctly. I felt the same way about my cat's teeth
> cleaning but he had gum disease and had to have it done in order to
> eliminate the threat of heart problems.
> Best of luck - be strong.

I'm going to be judgmental here, and say that no vet should be
anesthetizing an animal without doing a pre-anesthesia blood
screening. A lot of owners won't know enough to insist if the vet
doesn't suggest it, but it's really, really important.