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May 23rd 07, 05:13 PM
On May 23, 10:21 am, sheelagh > wrote:
> It looks like the season has begun in earnest. this is a little (BIG)
> Girl who turns up for every all of her meals. I found her in the shed
> this morning, fast asleep & nesting there too. I have taken food out
> there to her, because I don't think she belongs to anyone around here.
> I have tried shooing her way, & also looking where she goes when she
> has finished eating too( Our Shed!!)....
> We have placed an ad in most of the shop windows & displayed this
> photo in most public places around here, but no one has responded so
> far. She seems very friendly, & she isn't underweight, & she seems
> very well groomed, ( mind you, she seems to take care of that
> herself!!). I am fairly certain that she is looking for somewhere safe
> to have her kittens, but I am worride that someone out there must be
> really worried about her out there- I know that I would be if she
> belonged to me...
> Any advice any one?
> S;o)
> http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/sheelaghmadden/WeHaveAnotherVisitorAPre...

I will only say, post pictures and contact shelters and vets further
afield than you think is reasonable. A friend's cat got out and went
missing for over a month, before a woman who lived on the other side
of a major highway that wasn't all that close to begin with, happened
to come in to the store on the near side of the highway that they'd
put one of their posters in--and called them to say, I think I've been
feeding your cat.

No one could figure out how Angus had gotten that far without getting