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May 24th 07, 02:51 AM
On 23 May, 18:49, sheelagh > wrote:
> On 23 May, 17:54, bookie > wrote:
> > On 23 May, 14:19, look at us we're beautiful >
> > wrote:
> > > Jupiter rattles the storm door when she wants in
> > > Lucy lets out this teeny blood curdling scream when she wants out, it
> > > is 100% distracting.
> > > sometimes I wish I could turn into a big dog and just glare at her,
> > > show my teeth a little
> > no you don't, much as you complain you would not change them fro
> > anything
> > > --
> > > I chase Lucy, her eyes get big when she takes off, darkie's does too.
> > > I get tickled when I see the mischief type -- meanness come out in
> > > them.
> > > It makes me wish I had a huuuge house for them to run in.
> > me too, i have my fingers crossed for the national lottery tonight, if
> > all my numbers come up then i can buy that huge house and estate by
> > the river and turn it into a cat shelter, but one where the cats are
> > not up for adoption it's their forever home
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> Wow, now wouldn't that be something.. ...
> I think that I would do something similar too, & It would make a whole
> new meaning to "I'm leaving my fortune to the cats home, Lol"!!
> If only life were like that...
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my numbers didn't come up , damn, will have to wait for friday's draw

May 24th 07, 08:37 PM
On 24 May, 04:10, Nomen Nescio > wrote:
> From: bookie >
> >my numbers didn't come up , damn, will have to wait for friday's draw
> >now....
> Lotteries are a suckers bet.
> Take $100 and trade stocks for a 1% gain every business day and
> you'll have over $41 million in 5 years.
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> 9Gy7JfXjQqE=
> =1gMC

yeah but it is a dream i like to hold on to and i wouldn't have to win
the jackpot, just have a few numbers come up to win enough to buy a
house with some land attached. obviously all the stray and abandoned
cats i rescue would live in warmth and comfort in the house and I
would probably have to pitch a tent on the lawn outside to live in,
but that would be cool, it is only fair.
i woudl also have to employ staff too to ensure that all the kitties
are well looked after and have everything they require 24 hours a day,
probably ahve to have someone on call too as you never know when one
kitty puss requires a snack or a game or their pillows plumping up in
the middle of the night and such an emergency would have to be
responded to right away.

to be honest though, winning the lottery is the only way i will ever
be able to buy a house in this country, certainly in the area I live
in now. for example a small 2 bedroomed house, tiny or no garden,
round here costs about 250,000 minimum, that is about $500k i think?
and that would be for a real ****hol in a real ****ty area and woudl
be needing a lot of work.

house prices in our country are a joke