View Full Version : is litter levelled in litter-robot?

May 25th 07, 10:14 PM
I have a question with all the litter-robot owners. I recently bought
this thing and it's working very well, except when it cycles back, it
does not go quite far enough past the base position, so the litter
does not shift far enough, and when the dome finally comes back to
base position, the litter is not levelled. This matters, because the
more area litter has near the bottom, the more chance there is cats
will pee in the litter, and not in the side of the dome

(if they pee on the side, the litter at next cycle sticks there and
stays there - there is always a little bit of dried out litter-urine
mix inside, not much, just a bit of it).

I use "World's Best Cat Litter". So, does anybody using this (or
other) litter, does the litter level at the end of a cycle, or not?