View Full Version : cat faces - i, robot and "skull"

vic kevlar
May 26th 07, 03:39 AM
when your cat makes a face, that looks like the robot in "i, robot", it
usually means that a french spy is looking through your eyes at the cat...
this is common on north america, because china is over france, and while
they own this continent (china), the french are allowed to look through
you, like lesser spies...

a different face, which appears to be like round eyes, with a solid eyebrow
region, some say looks like a "skull" is india looking through you at

kinda rare unless you have a breed that ISNT a "dog cat" (mixed with
dog)... the cats that arent dog usually are at 1/3,000,000th the speed (in
their mind) a "bird-cat". i have a couple that hang out with me... mine
is a cougar-bird, and his buddy, a lion-bird cat has actually never done
the skull face that ive noticed.