View Full Version : Learn Kitty Basics..May Save On Vet Bills and Heartaches

May 28th 07, 02:39 AM
Just my 2c for fellow cat lovers....As a cat mother of two girls (9
yrs) I have realized that educating yourself in the basics on cat
behavior can save your cat's life and sometimes save you tons of money
in vet's bills. For instance, if your cat is acting strangely and out
of character, there is a reason for it. Cats don't misbehave for no
reason and if you know enough about what causes odd behavior and the
easy fix for it, you could easily save yourself endless stress and
heartache. For instance, is your cat no longer using the litterbox?
There are many reasons for that but you need to find out why they are
doing it as soon as possible as it is a signal that something is
wrong. It could be that they have a medical condition which can be
taken care of by a vet or something simple that you are doing (or not
doing, for example cleaning the litterbox enough). Once the source of
the problem is solved your kitty will be back to normal and there will
be peace on the homefront once again... ; )
Feel free to visit my blog for more info: http://lovethepet.blogspot.com/