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May 29th 07, 01:09 AM
On May 27, 9:21 pm,
> HOWEDY professora melanie you pathetic miserable
> stinkin lyin animal abusin punk thug coward active
> acute chronic life long incurable mental case and
> pharmacological / genetic research SCAM ARTIST
> and FRAUD,

If you want to discuss your Pet Loss and ignore this pathetic little
girly-man coward, go to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/supportgriefpetloss/
to discuss your grief with mature adults without the sissy-boy Jerry
Howe getting involved.

May 29th 07, 07:03 PM
We have a saying in the UK, it goes like this.....


I don't have a goat, I don't have a horsey, I don't have a parrot &I
certainly don't have a ferrit..so why would I need testimonials &
Manuals on them?
This IS a CAT Group.

Do those phonetics work for you?