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Julie Matthews
May 29th 07, 01:46 AM
Hey Guys/Girls,

It's Julie here... And boy I have some huge
news to share with you!

I just moved down south (Florida to be exact)
and brought my 4 year old cat with me... Since
we've moved he's been having a terrible time
adjusting to the weather and our new home. He's
always sneezing and coughing 24/7 - I really felt
something was extremely wrong.

Being new in town isn't always the greatest but
because I have an open mind and big mouth...
I started looking for a good vet to consult with.

Never the less within 48 hours I've done some
research and received good feedback on who to
locally consult with and scheduled an appointment
the next day.

Come to find out my cat has a huge allergy
problem. (Go figure that!) They went ahead and
prescribed Hydroxyzine Pamoate and the doctor
was nice enough to give me a few samples. Within
24 hours the results were like day and night...

Problem was when I went to fill my prescription I
found out a bottle of these pills were $99!!! This
was NO WAY in my budget... I told my local drug
store to hold off for a day so I could think about
how I could afford this stuff. Plus I remember the
doctor telling me I may need to refill this prescription
for a few months... This was a huge bummer!!

I first thought about calling my parents - we all know
that feels... (Need I say more) And then I called
back my local vet to find out any alternatives...
That's when my luck started to change! They
recommended an alternative place on the internet to
purchase the same quality medication at half the price.

As always I'm very optimistic especially on the internet
but it was worth a try!

When I got home I went to the online website
mentioned and within 5 minutes I've already
purchased my medication and guess this IT WAS
HALF THE PRICE!!! Plus I found additional items I
purchased on a monthly basis like Flea & Tick,
Heartworm and other medications that were dirt-cheap!

Next day UPS knocked on my door and there
was my cat's medication! Simple as that!

I felt I had to share this experience with you
because it's made a huge impact on my life and
I can't stop thanking my local doctor.

Oh yea before I forget here's the online website
I ordered from.

==> http://www.PetMedsForCheap.com

Talk soon,

Julie Matthews
Tampa, Florida