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May 31st 07, 03:03 PM
On 31 May, 12:15, Rxyz32 > wrote:
> I just wanted to make a short post and share my grief over losing my Alfie
> after over 16 years of friendship. He was literally born into my hands over
> 16 years ago and was a terrific friend ever since. As I'm typing this with
> the tears rolling down my face his father is sitting on my lap. Its strange
> how lonely it can be in a house that still has 3 cats, but there is such a
> HUGE void now. I had to let him go on Memorial Day. He went from being born
> into my hands to my hands lowering his body into the grave. I have been
> through this before and know that time will help but right now it feels
> like it will never get better. This is the first time I've posted on here,
> but have read posts here often. I'm sorry if I'm rambling
> its just hard to keep my thoughts straight right now. Anyway, like I said I
> just wanted to share my grief.
> Here is a picture of my good friend:
> http://home.comcast.net/~nju/Alf.JPG
> R.I.P. Alfie
> February 15, 1991 - May 28, 2007
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Our sincere condolences.
May Alfie purr for eternity, until you meet again