View Full Version : excessive OT cross posts - Falwell gets up from the dead

look at us we're beautiful
June 1st 07, 12:24 AM
he goes back to his office, and continues his work.
it's a shame really, the stuff some of you said about him

You oughtta be ashamed

grown men railing on someone like that

the point is, it's not about falwell, or even your opinion, it's how
ugly you look doing it.

but about Falwell, I'm fine with his little faults, so he bashed a few
gays, so? well! ****!
some of these tail-holes out here are like redneck little children...

yes, EVERYONE knows, Falwell has to answer for his deeds.


he went out swinging, and wealth is never a mark of anything but good
practice and good sewing.

lying? nooo... I've known plenty of people from their church, short
story is...
they come off less than zealous.

I had a bad scrape with that bunch. They did injure me. The same hour
or there-bout that I recovered fully from my injury, Falwell was
leaned over his desk grabbing his heart.

There's no rejoicing in heaven over the death of the wicked. Not true
with the righteous!

I heard what he said about gays, I also saw him flip flop AND in
practice, embrace gays inside of his church and service. Yes he did.

Muslims are peaceable people, you only hear about the radicals.

I'm glad the world does not see christianity based on some nut blowing
up an abortion clinic in the name of love and peace.


The whole house is shaking
Everybody is quaking
There's goin be a fire, that the fireman can't put out.

We can smell it, we can feel it under our feet, below us.