View Full Version : Coolest cat ever.

June 1st 07, 12:59 AM
If you want to see the coolest cat ever check out youtub.com type in
"Belle thinks she is a dog" I put up a short video of her placing
fetch with her favorite cap.

We found Belle in our laundry room, her mom snuck in through the
basement some how and had 3 kittens. We gave 2 away to a nice family
who lived on a farm. But Belle was special. We love her so much. We
since have adobted a new friend for Belle. Molly she is awesome as

I was looking around for places to share Belle and Molly, and I found
a cool site. They let you make a home page for your family, they also
give you a page for your pet and a slide show you will notice I
already have my pets and my sister has posted one as well.

Kind of ugly colors but the site was cute. Just thought I would share
it with you. the cool thing it was free. Just had to sign up and
upload photos.

The only thing that was weird was when you upload a photo it sits
there for a bit, but if you just wait for it to refresh it will be
worth it. Also it looks new because there wasn't a lot of people
there yet.

Check it out.