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June 4th 07, 01:55 AM
I have two kittens, four and a half months, one male and one female
(not litter mates). I have been feeding Natures Varieties Raw Meat
twice a day and Natures Varieties canned food once a day. They are
extremely healthy, their coats are shiny, and they are full of
energy. Their weight looks ideal for their size.

The problem I have is they always seem famished. I feed three times a
day, but they think every time we go into the kitchen they are going
to eat. They are intrusive when we are eating and constantly looking
to be feed. They never seem satisfied.

My question is, could I not be feeding enough? I feel they would
gorge themselves if given the opportunity.

Does anyone else who is feeding a raw meat diet experience this? Is
this just kitten behavior, or will it continue into adulthood?

Rene S.
June 4th 07, 02:35 PM

I also feed Nature's Variety raw (twice per day). Both of my adult
cats are ideal weight. One cat is satisfied after eating, but the
other one acts like he's constantly hungry, no matter how much I would
give him. Some cats are just "opportunists," and not sure where the
next meal is coming from.

Since your cats are kittens, it's possible they are burning off all
that food. They are growing and need more calories than an adult. Have
you tried using the "amount to feed" calculator on their web site? It
asks you to type in the weight/activity level of your cat/kitten and
has a suggested amount to feed. Go to: http://www.naturesvariety.com
and click on "feline" on the left. Then you'll see a link under feline
that says "amount to feed."