View Full Version : Rainbow Bridge copyright violation / royalties due

June 6th 07, 09:59 PM
I wish the catb poet would come back

she made a poem one day, I made one beside hers just for fun, it was an old
song I had laying around, it just happened to mean the same things with the
same meter...

but the little lady who was writing the poems said, "dang, I ain't writing
no more"

then -L (which stands for loser) gets on here and starts banging about her
big black pussy, giving hand jobs to stangers under the nym of Rosie Palm,
then turns around and gets flipant about bio-medical germ thingy

sooo, how can we find the poet lady, we should send her an email

I was thinking we should make a backup rainbow bridge rhyme.

I still haven't read Lori's post yet, I figure it's heartfelt stuff
(what she wrote about Bandit) I want to read it later on.


The one line I remember from the poem I mentioned, it was something about...
the ants go marching,... tail lights...

it was really good stuff! I mean.. it DID line up beside mine HAHA it must
be good then.