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June 11th 07, 07:33 PM
!!NOTICE: You miserable bitches who cannot be bothered to take your cat to
the vet even when their heads are falling off can stop reading right here!!

In just seven days, metronidazole (generic Flagyl liquid, administered at
1/2 a cc [0.5 ml] twice a day with a little syringe that shows the
measurements on the side) cured my little 7-lb tabby of the runs. She now
has well-formed poops and is obviously feeling better.

The vet said she though it was Irritable Bowel syndrome brought on by
Gracie's allergies. (She has Eosophilic Granuloma Complex, a pretty common
allergy condition, and asthma, and I had not had a Depo Medrol shot for her
in a year, thinking the less the better.)

So--it might not work for every case, but in the case where the normal gut
flora are messed up, it does. That is what the vet said it would do for
Gracie--get her intestinal flora back where it should be, so she would not
have any more diarrhea.

Gracie is feeling so good, instead of jumping up to greet me in the morning,
she just lies in her screened-in window, rolls over and shows me her spotted
belly, hangs her head upside down and looks at me like "I am definitely too
sexy for my fur, and wayyyy too comfortable to move."

It feels GOOD to take care of the ones you love.
Especially when they actually give something back.

It cost me a hot $98 bucks that I definitely could have used for other
things to have her examined, given a depo shot, and get the medicine. My vet
is so great she even gave me a follow-up call five days after the visit.

June 11th 07, 07:36 PM
hahaha, I meant Loose Stool, of course.