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June 13th 07, 02:52 AM
On Jun 12, 8:21 am, "Clive Sherriff" >
> In January my 3 year old Ginger and White cat, Tynes, went
> missing following some snow. I'd advertised for his return but
> got only vauge sighting in response.
> Two weeks ago ( beginning of June) however I was contacted about
> such a cat breaking into houses through catflaps and stealing
> food, about a mile from my house on the other side of the
> village.
> After a lot of trouble we have now last night trapped the cat
> (who has aquired a PhD in Escapology and Entrapment Avoidance)
> and it shows almost identical markings to my cat confirmed by
> photographs, though is rather thin. At first I was sure it was
> Tynes.
> But not quite now - in that some of this cats white fur areas are
> just slightly larger, and a couople of small ginger spots on his
> face have dissapeared. All my cat's other distinctive marks are
> there ( Broad chubby face, off centre white nose streak, Ginger
> spot on left leg, a thin white band over scruff of the neck etc
> etc)
> Otherwise, build, size, eye colour, ears etc etc are the same.
> Though very hard to catch in the neighbour's houses, he has
> apparently settled into my house, almost as if he knows it. ( he
> has not been allowed out yet) He has probably been living rough
> as he is very dirty and rather thin now.
> After a winter moult, or perhaps poor diet during the
> last few months, how likely is it for a cat's "definitive" colour
> pattern to change in these subtle ways?
> Is this Tynes ? -- or do I need to rename him ???
> Tynes
> With apologies for posting this to a few other Cat groups too).

If cats are like rabbits then patterns do change in size and color may
also change. What was a black rabbit takes on grayish and brown
color. What was a white X on the head becomes a y.