View Full Version : Bird falls into backyard

June 14th 07, 02:15 PM
I'm lying in the grass reading while Espy, Nipsy, and Marlo are
wandering around the fenced in backyard. Suddenly THUD! Apparently
the idiot bird was trying to use a cellphone while flying and flew
into the shed next door. It lands just outside the chainlink fence,
and all three cats are there in a flash, trying to pull it through the
fence. I scatter them and the bird starts flying away, and lands smack
in the middle of my yard.

Really, Darwin suggests that I just let it get ripped apart, but I
herded the cats indoors and I think the bird got away. Marlo is
holding a grudge; she wanted that bird. She forgot about it by this
morning however.

Just another day in the backyard. Oh, I was willing to bet that I have
no racoons in the area, just the occassional oPossum, but I looked out
the window early this morning and there was one next door. So I guess
that's the critter that's been ripping holes in the lawn. I really
need to get a night cam to see what goes on back there.