View Full Version : Re: Drinking your own menstrual blood-Will it make you sick?

June 20th 07, 07:55 AM
On Jun 20, 2:40 am, Samantha Pierce-Harder >
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> Some people are gonna think this is gross. Fine. But I think it's a
> legit question and I would like an answer.
> Is it likely to make you sick to drink your own menstrual blood? I
> mean, theoretically since it came from your own body, it should be
> 'safe.' But does anyone KNOW? Does it contain waste products? I
> thought it was just blood and some other mucus/vaginal fluids. I've
> heard that drinking too much raw blood will upset your stomach. I
> mean, lots of us have TASTED our menstrual flow (or am I alone
> there?), but . . . how much would be too much?
> Just FYI, this is meant to be worked into a ritual/sacred act. I don't
> really think of my period as being 'gross' at all, and would like to
> incorporate it more into my spirit work.
> Thanks for bearing with me on a potentially squeamish topic!

Not at all.
Whatta ya say, girls?