View Full Version : Phase One Begins

July 2nd 07, 01:31 AM
Or rather phase 1.1 since phase 1.0 was to move Tayla from my office
downstairs to the bedroom next door to the kittens upstairs.

Now that everyone is feeling *MUCH* better after a week of medication (they
still have 3 days to go), I figured I could begin the slow introduction.

Our first goal is to get Tayla and the kittens together. Hopefully, Tayla,
having just stopped nursing her own kittens not *too* long ago, this first
introduction will be the easiest. A few minutes ago I put the kittens in
their Sherpa carrier and put the carrier in Tayla's room. There was a lot
of sniffing and a little hissing at first, but when things calmed down a bit
I started playing with Tayla so she would start feeling comfortable around
the kittens. Phase 1.1 will continue with the kittens "visiting" Tayla
several times a day for about 20 minutes each time and me playing with Tayla
or giving her treats and pettin's while they're there.

Phase 2.0 will begin, after the hissing stops and Tayla gets used to the
kittens' presence, by allowing the kittens out of the carrier, but with the
zippered part open to kitten size so they can retreat if they feel
threatened (and of course I will be supervising to make sure nobody gets
hurt), and giving Tayla and the kittens playtime, treats and pettin's.

Phase 3.0 will begin by putting the screen reinforcement on a cut-out
hollow-core door so that Demi, Jessie, and Sammy can "visit" through the
screen for a while (with phase 3.1 through 3.4 being Ben on one side and me
on the other playing, giving treats and pettin's, and eventually putting
their food dishes closer and closer together).

Wish me luck, folks, the fun begins!!!




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