View Full Version : Bengal cat, possible lymphosarcoma

July 2nd 07, 07:42 PM
Panic city!
My vet saw my 11-1/2 year old Bengal on Saturday...she's not digesting her
food and has lost a lot of weight. He's checking her thyroid but saw enough
abnormality in her bowel in an ultrasound that he is probably going to
recommend an endoscopy. He suspects lymphosarcoma because of the ultrasound
and because her breed is apparently genetically susceptible to it. He is out
of reach now until a week from today.
My panic went out of control after his words really sank in; now I'm somewhat
saner. Nothing's proven yet! And with this week ahead of me I'll be able to
come to a non-panic decision about an endoscopy, after talking with him
further and seeing how she is the rest of the week.
I added an herbal supplement to her food yesterday, one that I've been taking
that's all about adding digestible nutrients and that has made a big
difference in my own health. I first confirmed that it's safe for cats!!
She seemed better almost immediately, and still so today, so I'll keep this
up through the week.
My questions for anyone out there:
Has anyone dealt with "lymphosarcoma" in your cat, Bengal or otherwise?
Did you go the chemo route or natural therapies? Which natural therapies and
what was the outcome?
Do you know of other natural remedies that would help her through this, or at
least help with comfort and additional digestion?
For myself I'd go to papaya and ginger to comfort bowel and aid digestion -
does anyone know if both of those are safe for cats?