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July 3rd 07, 03:11 PM
"wheat germ" > wrote in message
> On Jul 1, 7:40 pm, "Tony" > wrote:
>> "sam booka X2" > wrote in message
>> > I didn't even get the first post. :(
>> http://boomp3.com/m/0f0495a6ac86
>> that's all it was. :)
>> that whole site went down today
>> mabye I shouldn't have sent out so many xposts

Isn't that funny, how "Tony" says HE sent the crossposts,
when really our good friend Barry aka "wheatgerm" made
the crosspost?

If you're going to use socks, asswipe, remember to change

Your half-witted writing style is unmistakable.

And so different from "Tony's" older posts.

It was actually almost smart of you to choose a nym
and fake email from the archives.

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