View Full Version : Hyaluronic acid for joint problems?

Brian Link
July 4th 07, 02:18 AM
Hyaluronic acid is being routinely used for human knee problems. It's
basically WD-40 for joints. It's used for arthritis and other joint

Since our little Bengal Louis was diagnosed with "Hip Dysplasia", but
only on one side, I've thought about arthritis in cats. The vets I've
dealt with are notoriously incurious, and suspected the dysplasia was
a genetic flaw associated with Louis' original domestic ancestor, a
siamese. It seems more likely to me that the problem with that hip has
to do with his broken and subsequently immobilized leg, an injury he
suffered at about a year old.

Has anyone heard of Hyaluronic acid being used in cats? Seems a heck
of a lot more sensible than that radical surgery where they remove the
ball of the femur.


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