View Full Version : Worming a pregnant Cat

July 7th 07, 01:25 PM
I have just bought some Panicure for kittens to worm the pair of
Tinkers that I have here (kittens!)
I decided to try it because it looked like an easy way of dosing each
kitty, which it was. I also have a pregnant mummy cat who looks like
she has about a week to go before she has her litter, & I would dearly
Love to worm her to give her kittens a chance,

However after reading the back of the packet and the instructions, it
tells me to give a graduation of the syringe per kilo of weight. What
it doesn't explain is whether this applies to pregnant queens as well.
does anyone know for sure so that I can worm her as quickly as
possible. I figure that if it is ok to give to kittens, it must be ok
to give to the mother. Is this correct?