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July 8th 07, 08:37 PM
We have a seven year old male cat who has always had a very enthusiastic and
non-fussy appetite. Until two months ago, he happily tore into any type of
food we put down for him - dry or wet.

Not long after we moved house, he started to refuse the dry food he had
always loved. We switched to wet food, and although he happily ate it for a
few weeks, he is now refusing this as well.

While he was still eating dry food, he went through a brief spell (5 - 7
days) of drinking a ton of water. We attributed this to the arrival of the
warmer weather. It didn't last for long, and with the switch to wet food,
his water consumption normalized.

I have had a few weak moments where I've ended up putting down salmon, ham
or chicken for him. He eats this very quickly and without complaint.

We checked all of our cat foods against the list of brands that were
involved by the Menu Foods recall, and none of them were on it.

He stayed in a cat kennel last week while we were on holiday, and the owner
said that although he had a few fussy moments with the food, he had eaten
everything by next meal time.

Other than his fussy appetite, he is an extremely healthy and happy cat. No
vomiting, no diarrhea, no weight loss, no nothing.

So does anybody have advice as to why our big guy has suddenly become such a
picky eater?

Hubbie suggests he's being manipulative because he knows that if he doesn't
eat his normal food, I'll eventually give in and feed him something nicer
such as chicken or ham.

Mr Tanaka
July 9th 07, 10:20 AM
On Jul 8, 7:37 pm, "sionevar" > wrote:

> So does anybody have advice as to why our big guy has suddenly become such a
> picky eater?

well, even in this little bit of sharing you did, I read where you
changed food several times.

One thing, a cat will complain about anything you let them complain
If you set a bowl of food down and wait for a reaction, the reaction
is going to show some disapproval because cats don't want to be

Then, remember how he looked and acted when you first brought him home
from behind the grocer store dumpster.

Rene S.
July 9th 07, 06:01 PM
Have you had his teeth checked? At seven, it's possible he might have
dental problems and it hurts him to eat.